Outerwear favourites

Today’s blog post will be featuring my favourite coats, winter is finally here, and the colder months bring my favourite fashions. Knitwear, boots, cosy scarves and a great coat what’s not to love?! Here are my top 3….

A classic Parker, this one is from Next, has a faux leather edging, a huge hood and is supremely warm, the lining can also be removed for warmer days. Parkers come back winter after winter so if you’re looking for a coat that will stay stylish, you can’t go wrong with this.


This little beauty is a longline, warmer version of the classic biker jacket (although not faux leather), it has a super soft lining, a big hood and in good old black will go with any outfit, the fact that is by my favourite designer Michael Kors is just another plus point.


Last but CERTAINLY not least the classic biker, this one is Miss Selfridge and was under £50, if we’re going by CPW it cost roughly -£100 at least, it goes with literally everything, is always in style and I adore it, very few items in my wardrobe retain the favourite status for as long as this has, it was worth every penny. If you’re debating a biker jacket, don’t. Buy one. Yesterday! 


Autumn basics


Yesterday’s outfit for the blog today as I was out all day yesterday and have come in from work today and got straight in my Jammies, yesterday was spent eating, gossiping and snuggling a super cute baby girl.

My t shirt is Topshop, my boots are Ugg, my jeans and coat are Miss Selfridge, my cardigan is H&M and my scarf is Primark.

Happy Wednesday xx

Lazy prints

So after a busy day yesterday, today is for taking it easy, I’m seeing my friend tomorrow and working Wednesday and Thursday, then I get Friday AND Saturday off 😳 yayness.

My trousers are Primark, my top and socks are Topshop and my cardigan is from a little boutique near me.

Happy Monday xx

Family day out

So today was spent with the inlaws, visiting the Milestones Living History Museum, it was a lovely day and was great catching up with everyone, after about 5 hrs traveling on top of that though, I’m now knackered.

Time to relax.

Bag and watch, Michael Kors – top, Topshop – jeans, River island and trainers, converse.

Happy Sunday xx

Black,white and boucu

No work today so I spent the day with 2 of my best friends, we had chats, lunch and just relaxed, it was lovely. Now for a cosy night in. 

My jeans are River island, my boots and top are Topshop,my jacket is Miss Selfridge, my cardigan is H&M, my scarf is Primark and my bag and watch are Michael Kors.

Happy Friday xx

Little black dress.


So no blogging for me yesterday, I was at work till mid afternoon and then out for a friends birthday, after far too much food I collapsed into bed so I’m blogging last nights outfit today. 

My shoes and tights are Primark, my bag is Next outlet, my dress is from a little boutique near me, my watch is Michael Kors and my necklace was a honeymoon gift.

Happy Thursday xx

Blue, black and grey

Today I slept in big time, and it was glorious, I’m now in my cosy clothes and plan on doing nothing all day. Oh and enjoying every second of it.

My leggings are Topshop, my top is Zara and my poncho and socks are Primark.

Happy Monday xx

Autumnal cosyness

It’s finally getting cold enough to break out the cosy knitwear, thick tights and boots on a regular basis and I couldn’t be happier, autumn/winter clothing is just so much more fun and snuggly too, yay for the colder months.

Today at work was positively mental for a great percentage of the day so after flopping down on the sofa for an hour we went out for dinner and I’m now a very full, happy girl.

Outfit: My boots are Ebay, my skirt is Vila, my tights are Primark and my shirt and jumper are H&M.

Happy Sunday xx

Hearts and rips.

So I was out all day yesterday and had no time to blog whatsoever, so I’m blogging the outfit today, yesterday was spent catching up with friends, eating far to much and bowling, today was spent at work but I do have a friend over tonight for a girly night in whilst the husbands are out which will be fun.

My jeans are River Island, my boots are Asos, my shirt is New Look, the watch is Michael Kors and my jumper is Primark.

Happy Saturday xx